KishaLynn Moore Elliott is a writer, speaker, and certified life coach. She graduated from Spelman College in 2002. She is an educator, a storyteller, and a proud black lesbian. Themes in her work include identity, self-actualization, sex, love and relationships, and faith. CHILDish is her second book. Her first — A D.R.E.A.M. Comes True — is a self-help e-book. In all of her endeavors, she embodies her dedication to helping others live their dreams and write their way through pain. She lives in San Diego with her wife and son.

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CHILDish: Stories From The Life Of A Young Black Girl

Her childhood was filled with domestic violence, school bullies and sexual confusion. Then, a grown man leads her astray, delivering astonishing heartbreak that leaves her searching for salvation.

Author KishaLynn takes us on a journey that begins as Kisha—a thornless rose growing from concrete—learning how to live life on her own terms. The only child of a teenage single mother, KishaLynn emerges as a resilient teenager, destined to triumph by any means necessary.

CHILDish is a cathartic chronicle of growing up as a poor, black, queer, female millennial. Its pages are filled with heroic honesty and poetic words that are infused with a perfect balance of pain and humor.

CHILDish is not a children’s book.

This is a coming of age narrative that every woman and man should read for their own healing. You’ll leave it wanting revenge for little Kisha and craving more stories from KishaLynn. Fortunately, the journey doesn’t end here—CHILDish is only part one

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KishaLynn has done an incredible job rendering her stories in a way that will captivate your mind and sear your soul. You won’t forget this book—or its author!
Sanda Balaban, Founder of YVote / NextGen Politics

I couldn’t put this book down. KishaLynn has a beautiful way with words that kept me engrossed and eager to know what was going to happen next.”
Miki Vale, Hip Hop Artist / Playwright

Beautifully written! This girl had a lot of tough breaks, but she pulls through with smarts, creativity, and humor. I think we all have a little KishaLynn in us.
Rachelle Archer, Founder of Artful Leadership